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Pyramids Ride Egypt

Pyramids Ride Egypt

Imagine traveling through the Egyptian desert in the same way as others have done for thousands of years. Riding a camel or horse between the Pyramids of Giza and was really taken back in time.



Explore the Egyptian desert on the back of the bike well maintained in Egypt, with an interesting twist of speeding down the road and dune bashing Egypt.



Snorkeling in Egypt is said by many to be an experience that is truly brilliant. Pristine conditions for snorkeling Egypt and you will not go without some incredible memories to take back with you.


Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? We offer a program of this dive either from shore or from a boat dive.


Egypt is a great place to learn some tricks in flat water. Kiteboarding spots very touristic, which means you will find all the amenities you need.

Egypt Safari

Egyptian desert is often the place to indulge in a unique adventure activity that cannot be done elsewhere.


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